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multiply Your roi with rently smart home

Expand Smart Home Technology Across Your Portfolio

Implementing smart home technology across your assets enhances operational efficiencies and increases return on investment. Meet with one of our experts to review your specific ROI possibilities.

The value of smart home

Increase your NOI up to 30% with our full suite of smart home solutions

Increase Revenue

Increase rent and unit attractiveness with Rently smart home. Smart communities see 3 times as many tours as communities without smart home tech.

Reduce Operating Expenses

Reduce utility costs and help your team meet sustainability goals. Decrease leasing costs by eliminating re-keys, reduce resident onboarding and customer service costs.

Unlock Value

Maximize resident engagement and create new opportunities for ancillary monetization. Improve building quality and increase your asset value.


Rently provides you with the most powerful, innovative, and customizable smart home system on the market. 

Whether you're seeking to increase security, reduce operating costs, or increase rental revenue, Rently has a tailored solution for you.





Smart thermostats and lighting reduce utility usage by up to 20%.

Keyless entry locks replace keys with unique durational codes.

Sensors and real time alerts ensure you are always up-to-date on property activity.

Smoke/CO and leak sensors prevent damage before it becomes a costly problem.

UPGRADE YOUR COMMUNITIES And attract more renters

Total Home Automation | Streamline property access with keyless entry locks, reduce utility bills with smart thermostats, and enhance security with sensors.

Cloud Based Software | Easily manage your entire portfolio of properties from one online platform. ISO certified and CCPA compliant.

Tri-Band Hub | Using our Rently hub, seamlessly connect to cellular, wifi or ethernet to ensure superior smart home uptime.

Convenient | All devices are pre-paired to the Rently hub and go through rigorous quality assurance. Nationwide installation services available upon request.

Trusted Technology | For over 10+ years, millions of renters and thousands of property managers have utilized Rently’s technology.

Focus on what’s important.

Let Rently open doors while you sign leases.

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