Accelerate Screenings with Rently’s 3-in-1 Rental Application

Quickly and accurately validate rental applications 

I.D. Verification 

Requires driver's license and selfie for immediate renter identity confirmation 

Financial Verification

Securely authenticates bank accounts, verifies income, and confirms employment data

Credit Verification

Connects to Transunion to check renter credit scores and criminal eviction records

Rently offers the ultimate rental application experience 

Superior Security

with multi-layered protection

3-in-1 Screening within one platform

ID, Income, and Transunion Credit Verifications

Avoid scams and costly evictions 

Ideal Renter Experience

Save renters time and money

Rently’s IQual™ feature enables renters to tour homes they are likely to qualify for

Single application fee for multiple tenants and/or multiple homes (managed by the same company)

Pre-fill applications up to 30% from renter ID scan

Open Integrations

with our platform agnostic software

Easily integrates with custom systems via webhooks

Integrates with SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics 

Future integrations with Yardi and RealPage

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With more than 16 million self tours completed to date and thousands of smart home devices deployed nationwide, Rently has the experience and product expertise to help single and multifamily operators optimize their entire leasing lifecycle with smart home technology. Rently offers an “all-in-one” smart home technology platform that automates every phase of the leasing cycle – from self touring, to move-in/out, to smart home residency and beyond. 

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